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arlington is our warm spot at 64. an for today looking at temperatures up to 70 by 9:00. noontime 77 and 81 for the drive home. highs 81 to 84 with a northwest wind at five to ten. looking good. angie, can you top it with traffic? >> the answer is simple, no. right now a good amount of utility work and construction out there. right now you want to watch for eastbound silver hill road at silver park drive. we are losing a couple of lanes. traveling 95 from 175 to 32 you will find a stretch of roadwork on the road but should be clearing in the next 30 minutes. math sailing 95 to 270. no complaints. in virginia, 66 eastbound appears to be moving well out of manassas to inside the beltway. 95 northbound, also checking out okay from the beltway to the 18th street bridge and 95, before that, we are looking at
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a one hour drive from fredericksburg to the springfield spore change. back to you. primary day 2010 has come and gone and there's major changes in our region. specifically in the district of columbia. the citizens of dc voted and mayor fenty has been defeated by vincent gray. with t 0% of precincts reporting, gray finished with 53% of the vote while mayor fenty carried 48%. chairman -- gray's victory assured he will be the next mayor since there is no republican running in the general election. >> make no mistake, we will work to restore your trust in city government by being fiscally responsible by bringing back transparency and sending a message that the days
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of play to pay politics are over in district of columbia. >> reporter: the mayor conceded the race at 2:45 this morning. he was criticized for not being an inclusive leader. in the race for the dc council chair's position which is held by gray, with 55% of the vote, brown defeated vincent orange. the gubernatorial race in november will be a rematch of o'malley and ehrlich. martin o'malley won the democratic primary with ease in his bid for a second term. o'malley defeated his opponents winning 86% of the votes cast lick defeated murphy in the republican primary. ehrlich won
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with 82% of the vote. turning to the u.s. senate contest in maryland. barbara mikulski won the democratic pray mary nominee the republican primary for that seat it came down to eric wargots and rutledge. looking at races in prince georges county the major race there for the democratic nomination for county executive. baker is claiming the nomination over current county sheriff michael jackson. gary was with baker and he has more. >> i am in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his attempt to secure the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive, leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education,
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first in job creation, first in opportunity, first in invasion first in integrity and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage. at times it seemed he would be crowd surfing. this group of supporters pleased he secured the nomination. >> in other prince georges county races -- the race for prince georges county sheriff is a close one. the candidates are neck and
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neck. in montgomery county, republican will face the democrat in november. he won the republican primary for montgomery county executive with 67% of the vote. we are running race results continuously at the bottom of the screen, but you can also log on to our website at an click the campaign 2010 banner at the top of the home page. there were several key national races last night, as well. one in particular proved to be a big win for the tea party. as tara mergener reports a virtual unnope walked away with the senate primary. >> reporter: the tea party express is on a roll. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we, the people. >> last night n a stunning upset, tea party favorite christine o'donnell knocked nine-term republican mike castle out of delaware's senate
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race. >> we need citizen politicians in dover and in washington, d.c. to debt our state and our country back on track. >> reporter: in new hampshire's senate primary, key a parties favorite was neck and neck all night long. the tea party scored another victory in the gubernatorial race. paldino beat the other choice. >> while tea party victories have been the story this season, analysts worry will the candidates be too extreme for the main stream come november. >> can they broaden their appeal to a wider electorate where moderates tend to dominate. >> reporter: the republican officials who once said capital would be their -- castle would be only hope of winning the
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senate seat made it clear they would you not fund o'donnell in the general election. >> you have to have your base behind if you are going to whip a election. >> if the gop doesn't win delaware, they believe the chances of winning back the senate are slim. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. in oh newsing the death toll caused by hermine has grown an it is at eight after two bodies were found in texas. fisherman found the body of a woman in lake austin. the debris wrapped body of a man was found in nearby georgetown, texas. s hong kong aroud was reunited wither will parents after being held in an iranian prison for two years. two other people hiking with her remain in prison. reggie bush is giving back his high school trophy. the new orleans saints running
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back calls it heart breaking. he will return the awards he won in 2003 at the university of south carolina. the ncaa hit usc with heavy sanctions this summer after ruling bush received improper benefits making him ineligible for the 2005 season. more and more americans are shying away from the stock market. and small businesses may find it easier to qualify for credit. it is 4:38 and you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. what a wonderful wednesday already. we are incident free on 50 westbound from the bay bridge to the beltway. it is angie with the realtime traffic early coming up. it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. good morning. wall street is waiting on a fresh check on the health of the economy today. before the opening bell the federal reserve reports on production for factories and
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mines for august. here at home the dow is at 10526 after dropping 17 points. the nasdaq up four and the s&p 500 was down a fraction. more americans are wary of the stock market. according to an ap cnbc poll the recent swing has made them less confident in stocks. cautious investors are pulling it out and putting in to safe haven investments such as precious metals. senate cleared a way to a fund to help to open lending for small businesses the fund will provide $12 million for businesses in over the next decade. it goes to a final vote later this week and the president is expected to sign in to law before the midterm elections. for more "living $mart" dead dead lains, log on to our
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website at would you work longer hours to have an extra day off? some government employees may have the option. and the debate over federally imposed health insurance goes before a florida judge. here's howard. >> another nice morning but much-needed rain showers are in the forecast. i will let you know when they will be here when 9 news now returns. think about the internet.
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growing, evolving, literally transforming our lives. now imagine the possibilities of what tomorrow could bring. at at&t, we support a core set of standards that will guide the internet into the future... to protect users, and reward innovators, for years to come. we support a fair and open internet - affordable and accessible to everyone. transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020.
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and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t. welcome back to 9 news now. would you sit on a saddle seat to say money on the next flight? a plane company came up with a company that looks and feels like a saddle and officials say many airlines have expressed press. look at this. passengers in these seats would pay less but then the fees to bet the extra leg room to be on the aisle, i bet those would go
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up. >> if you could put me in a coma i would do it. >> you are sitting straight up. if you are over 5'3" or something like that. i guess you wouldn't have to worry about a guy hitting the back of the seat. >> i hope that idea doesn't take off. >> very good. it took off yesterday, the weeds, the pollen. we are sniffling a lot. >> i was sneezing this morning. i'm okay now. don't jinx it. we will get the numbers just before noon. join me at noon for an update the weed pollen is in the high category. we are in hayfever season. tree pollen is thankfully low. the day at a glance, temperatures will climb in the low 80s. 77 by noon. 70 around 9:00. 5:00 81 degrees an the air quality today once again good.
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code green. the bus stop forecast, like yesterday it is cool in spots. generally 50s and 60s. i will fix that typo. sunrise 49. -- 6:49. 7:16 is the sunset. getting earlier and earlier. my son doesn't like having to come in from playing after dinner now. breezy and late shower possible. high of 85 tomorrow. a better chance of showers overnight on thursday in to friday morning with the front and that will set us up for a nice weekend. looking at the temperatures in the low 50s culpeper and manassas at 52 to 4 here in -- 64 here in town. 50 in stanton. they were down to 48, 49 an hour or so ago. mid-50s in the shenandoah rally. and leesburg 57. a few clouds mixing in with the stars. fist quarter moon. winds are calm and the humidity
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is 70%. we are looking at another storm, karl down in the caribbean heading to the yucatan as a tropical storm and going to mexico, south of tamm peek coe maybe as a hurricane in the next few days. the northwest flow with the showers to the north and quiet weather for us. high pressure in southern ohio. that will build in for today. we are in fine shape and we will watch it control the weather through the day. maybe a passing cloud or two. by thursday a big system pulls out of the midwest but the heart is moving north of us rather than south of us if we are on the knot side we get more rain. by friday morning, there's the front still to the west. can't rule out another passing shower on early friday but friday in the morning will be the better chance of showers. then during the day sunshine mixed with clouds and leftover sprinkle in the mountains. igor out east of the islands
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and julia. both are hurricanes. you can see the eye in julia going this way. bermuda better watch out. the turn is away from the island but good swells an rip currents up there. one more mile an hour and it will be a category five and the forecast track, here it is on sunday, coming just west of bermuda. that is not a good position. storm should be down to a category two but i think they will have a tough time on the island nation over there. for us, we are looking at a chance of showers later tomorrow in to friday morning as temperatures are in the low 80s climb to the mid-80s. near 80 behind the front. over the weekend looking at 84 on saturday. 83 on sunday. looks good if the skins game and monday slight chance of a shower and 79. it is 4:48. good morning angie. hope you are off to a great wednesday so far. begin with a live shot of 270
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southbound. overall looks like you are okay. it is at 124, montgomery village avenue that you want to watch for lingering construction. you are going to want to watch for it northbound approaching falls road and 80 should be clearing in the next 15 minutes or so. heavy construction as we head to the maps on t 5 in -- 95 in maryland. check out the stretch here. 198. all of this should be clearing shortly. we have utility work 0 going on silver hill road. watch for it at silver park drive. you will lose two lanes. new york avenue is smooth sailing from the times building and okay 95 to route but past that point you will lose a left lane due to construction. back to you. jessica posed this question yesterday and one local jurisdiction is giving it serious thought. virginia government workers may soon be able to work a four-day
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workweek. governor mcdonnell's form is recommending ten hour work days and four day weeks for some state employee the commission says the plan will reduce energy cost and improve employee morale. utah put the same plan in to affect in 2008. a recent audit said the plan saved just urn a million dollars in the first full year. looking at the living well headlines, an expert panel has found that bone strengthening drugs could cause bone fractures. the panel concluded the drugs raised risks for a rare type of fracture in the high thigh bone or femur and they are urging the food and drug administration to add special warning labels to the osteoporosis medications. an fda panel has voted 15-9 against a proposal to restrict over-the-counter sales of cough medicine. the growing abuse of cough medicines led the drug
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enforcement agency to ask the food and drug administration to consider making them prescription drugs. one panel member said she saw no data that such a move would decrease abuse. one nonprofit group fighting obesity released an ad which is creating a stir on the internet. >> high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, tonight, make it vegetarian. >> reporter: the physicians committee for responsible medicine is hoping their new ad will keep people from eating fast food. in the spot they show a dead man in the morgue with a cheeseburger in his hand an it reveals the mcdonalds arch and changes the slogan to "i was loving it ." does the federal government have the right to force you to buy health insurance? that is the focus of a lawsuit from 17 states open hoping to -- hoping to stop obama care.
4:52 am
the federal judge heard the case inside of a pensacola courtroom. >> the attorneys general and 20 states believe that president obama's health care law violates individual freedom of choice and want u.s. district judge roger vincent to declare it unconstitutional. >> obama care is terrible law, terrible constitutional law an rough on the states in many, many ways that people can't see. >> reporter: they filed it minutes after the president signed it in to law last march the bill forces americans to buy health insurance or face tax penalties. mccoelom and troy king and utah mark shirtless argued their case before the judge this morning. the attorneys say the health care bill will financially cripple states, increase the size of the med aid program and hurt small business owners who will be forced to buy plans for
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employees. >> i believe today was a good day for the constitution and the people who wrote the constitution. >> we are talking about constitutional rights, constitutional laws. if we cannot stand and must stand to protect individuals against unprecedented attack on their individual liberty, a war on small business. >> reporter: that was pat peterson reporting. more than 32 million americans are currently without health insurance. supporters of obama's health care overhaul say it will provide affordable insurance to those who need it. for more living well headlines, log on to and click on the living well tab on the front page. president obama delivers the lesson to school children, and new information in the grade controversy at arlington national cemetery makes him be released. it. you are watching 9 news you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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[ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. 88. today we could you learn if hundreds of graves at arlington are in danger of being disturbed. the answer will come after the body of a marine from ohio is exhumed. private warner was killed in iraq in 2006 but his final resting place came in to question this summer after investigators found problems with hundred of depraves at arlington. warner's just the fist casket chosen for exhumation. if a dump soldier is found at the spot it may call in to question hundreds more depraves in arlington. a family is looking for answers after a police officer struck and killed a postal worker with his patrol car in
4:57 am
capital heights, maryland. 62-year-old burgess was walking to work yesterday hen the accident happened. the prince georges county officer says he never saw burr jess coming and that he was wearing dark clothing and was not in a cross walk. the department is investigating. president obama delivered a lesson to children across the nation. he told students their job was to pay attention in class and stay out of trouble. randall pinkston tells us this year's speech wasn't met with much controversy [ applause ] >> reporter: president obama is telling america's students to work hard, and dream big. >> your future is in your hands. your life is what you make of it. and nothing, absolutely nothing is beyond your reach [ applause ] >> reporter: the president chose a successful school in philadelphia for his second annual back to school pep talk. >> nothing is doing to have as
4:58 am
great of an impact on your success in life as your education. >> reporter: schools across the country have the option to show the speech in the classroom. last year, just the idea of president obama delivering a message directly to students sparked an outcry from conservatives, accusing him of trying to push politics on children. this year the hullabaloo was about sen. some schools gave parents the option of keeping children out of class but studies show that few plan to show the president's remarks. >> on their lunch break students had a mixed reaction to the president's message. >> he is promising us if we work hard things will get better. >> reporter: do you believe it? >> i do believe it. >> i want to believe that if you work hard you will somehow become successful but a bunch of people are laid off and they have no degrees. >> some are optimistic about
4:59 am
their future and college bound. president obama says their performance at school and the success of their peers will determine america's success in the 21st century. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> the president announced the sec commencement challenge. a nationwide contest in which schools compete to land him as their graduation speaker. hopefully the construction problems will clear out soon. howard bernstein has a look at the forecast and it's one you will like. >> back to school in montgomery county. the day off yesterday for the primaries. everybody else outdoor recess because cool start to the day. temperatures really the only story right now because it is quiet out there with some readings in the 50s and 49 in york and one or two spots in the upper 40s. culpeper

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